Why become a vendor?

Tara Forstner in her booth at Le Marché

Le Marché is different: Vendors do not have to volunteer time or “work the front desk”.  We have dedicated staff that open the doors and serve customers.  We also provide a point of sale and ticketing system that makes checkout faster and more efficient for shoppers and vendors alike.

Our Quality: To ensure quality, Artists and Makers will be juried. We are focusing on handmade art and goods from Michigan artists.

Our Balance: We want to have a balanced mix of artists and makers, to make the sales and shopping experience better, and to guarantee more eyes on your work.  It is possible that you may be waitlisted depending on availability.

Our Style:  Le Marché is an upscale artisan market created to highlight Michigan Artists and Makers. Our market space has been created specifically to show off our vendor’s work. The space is a monotone palette, black and white, and this theme is consistent from the sign- to the staff uniforms, and the shopping bags.

Marketing for You: We will be featuring our vendors throughout the month on social media, including Facebook and Instagram to promote sales.  Our sales staff are also available to merchandise your space as you sell items, if desired.

Once Accepted:

Stocked Space: We are asking that you keep your market space stocked throughout the month to ensure a great shopping experience for customers.  You can stop in anytime during store hours to replenish your space.  Our staff can also put out additional stock if necessary.

Quality: We are asking that your display and items for sale reflect the overall quality and style of the market.  Our space is a monotone palette, and displays need to be white or black to coordinate with the building.  How you choose to decorate/merchandise is up to you.  We are available to help you design and merchandise your space as well.

Special Events: We will be holding monthly special events for vendors and their families, so get ready to mingle!