Tara Forstner
Based in Emmett, MI

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TARA FORSTNER is a fine artist whose canvases range from reclaimed wood to pottery and metal.

One will find artful decor, unique seasonal pieces and thoughtful pottery in Tara's booth.

You'll need to shop often- Tara restocks her booth constantly, and usually with one of a kind work.

More from Tara Forstner, owner of Tara Forstner Designs:

Why I love doing what I do:
I love to be able to provide a unique piece of art to my clients that they can't get anywhere else. 

A little about how I started out:
Art has always been apart of my life. I began my studies at SC4, transferred to Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana and finished at Oakland University with a BA in Studio Art.

What the future looks like:
I hope to learn more about photography where I will focus on Michigan's uniqueness - and then recreating the photos in paintings and prints. I am also working on sculpture art and outdoor art that can handle the climate of Michigan.

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