Sherri's Handmade Collections

Sherri Doss
Based in China, Michigan

Sherri Doss is excited to share her love of card making, paper crafts, paints and ink with the community! 

Her booth is filled with handmade cards for all different occasions or "just because".

You'll also find clever handmade gifts and handpainted seasonal art for your home.

More from Sherri Doss, owner of Sherri's Handmade Collections:

Why I love doing what I do:
I love making something that brings a smile to someone's face. Crafting and creating is calming and helps me escape this crazy world we live in. I like learning new techniques and trying them out on different surfaces.

A little about how I started out:
I have been making and crafting pretty much my whole life. I started scrapbooking and realized those beautiful papers and products could be used to make cards. When I heard about le marche opening I wondered if I could start selling my work. My daughters surprised me and got me started in this new venture!

What the future looks like:
I am close to retiring and I am hoping this will help me enjoy that phase of my life. Having the time to make things every day would be a joy!